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What is Eco-Wool

Eco-Wool is sourced from the United States. Purchasing wool from small U.S. farmers helps create jobs and protects farmland in America. Farmers must adhere to strict sustainable guidelines in order to qualify for the Eco-Wool Program. Farmers are educated in sustainable principles and farming practices. This creates an environment that is healthy for workers, animals and the land. These farms are managed using organic practices.

By following the Eco-Wool guidelines a farmer is paid double the amount he would get if he sold to the general wool pool. He is growing a superior product and he is paid fairly. A real life example of Fair Trade wages working in America. The money stays in the local economy and the farmers can afford to hire the necessary help to work their farms.

Many major processors of wool use a process called carbonization. Wool is put through a chemical bath of hydrochloric acid and other chemicals to clean the wool.  Eco-Wool uses no chemicals to clean their wool.

Purchasing products using Eco-Wool assures you are buying clean chemical free wool grown sustainably. It is an opportunity to support the values that make our country strong.