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Understanding Sleep Sacks

What is a Sleep Sack?
Think of it as a cross between a sleeping bag and a baby blanket. It is soft with the same fabric weight as a baby blanket but sewn together like a sleeping bag for snuggly warmth.

Why would I use a Sleep Sack?
Sleep Sacks assure your baby stays covered all night without risking entanglement. The easy upside down zipper makes diaper changes effortless without the need to undress your baby. A warm comfortable baby sleeps longer.

What size should I buy?
The easy to read size chart provides clear guidelines for choosing the correct size. Our Sleep Sacks are sized for 10 lbs and up. We also offer Sleep Sacks sized for newborns. It may seem like a sensible idea to buy a larger size so your baby will have “room to grow” but please understand an improper sized Sleep Sack will compromise your baby’s safety! The sizing guide is based on the average weight of children in a particular age range and is intended to give your baby a comfortable fit without the risk of baby slipping down inside the bag. Correct sizing is very important.

Why are Sleep Sacks sleeveless?
To prevent dangerous overheating of your baby, the armholes are designed to allow for free circulation of air flow. Dress your baby as you would normally according to the season. The Sleep Sack is not a garment, but a compliment to whatever your baby wears to bed by keeping them warm and snuggly all night long.

How do I dress my baby when they wear a Sleep Sack?
65°- 68° F is the optimal temperature for a nursery. At this temperature range, your baby can be dressed in whatever is appropriate for the season. If the temperature is higher, simply remove a layer of clothing. A lower temperature may require an additional layer of clothing. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CHECK YOUR BABY’S TEMPERATURE TO PREVENT OVERHEATING. Due to the immature circulatory system of babies, cool fingers or toes are not the best way to gauge temperature. A better way to check your baby’s comfort is to place your hand on their bare stomach (easy to do with the zip feature). If they feel sweaty, remove a layer of clothing. If they feel cool add a onesie or t-shirt. Monitoring your baby’s temperature during the first couple of times of wearing the Sleep Sack will enable you to determine how best to dress your baby.

Why are Sleep Sacks so long?
They are meant to mimic a blanket. The bottom is roomy enough to allow for growth and for easy dressing, even when baby is asleep. The generous cut of the fabric allows for plenty of room for playing and kicking, but never kicks covers off!

How many Sleep Sacks do I need?
We recommend having two Sleep Sacks for the same reason everyone has two crib sheets. Sometimes accidents happen and bedding can become soiled. Having a second Sleep Sack “just in case” eliminates the need to use a blanket.