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The Dangers of a Second Hand Mattress

There are many used items you can feel comfortable using for your new baby; a crib mattress is not one of them. A mattress may appear to be in great shape but looks can be deceiving.

If the mattress has been in storage, can you be sure under what conditions it was stored? A damp basement would be the optimum environment for growing mold. Mold growing inside the mattress may not be obvious when inspecting the outside.

How was the mattress taken care of? Maintaining sanitary conditions is a must to ensure a healthy sleeping environment. A crib mattress often gets exposed to leaky diapers and spit-up. Improperly cleaned surfaces can harbor bacteria. Again, something undetectable by visual inspection.

Also, is a used mattress going to provide the firm support necessary for infants? Even a slightly sagging mattress, or an old one with the batting compressed may lead to poor sleeping habits due to lack of comfort.

So even if family and friends have good intentions offering you a used mattress, unless you can be 100% sure of how it’s been taken care of or stored, you may want to graciously decline.