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Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest organic mattresses are made in central Virginia; they have been offering healthy mattresses options since 2003. Their development of an organic mattress was born from the concerns about the toxic chemicals used in conventional mattress. The Savvy Baby mattress is made from pure natural rubber, certified organic wool and certified organic cotton to create a truly safe healthy sleeping environment for your baby.

Only the purest natural latex, from trusted suppliers who have been independently tested and certified is used in their mattresses. The Dunlop latex is sourced from Cocolatex. Their rubber tree growing is certified organic as is their latex processing, and they are committed to fair trade practices.

The Greenguard Gold certification awarded to Savvy Rest ensures your mattress meets the stringent emission levels for over 360 different VOCs (volatile organic compounds), plus additional requirements for sensitive  individuals such as children and the elderly.

Savvy Rest is an employee owned company. Every worker has a sense of pride of ownership. From the offices to the manufacturing floor, Savvy Rest strives to create the best possible product and customer service.

This country needs more businesses like Savvy Rest. In March, 2013 they  became a “B Corporation”. What does that mean? They value people and the environment over profit. The following are just a few of the highlights that make Savvy Rest stand out.

 Workers are paid at least 25% above the living wage, all full-time, non-executive employees participate in the company’s bonus plan, and if offers a fully funded/full match retirement plan for tenured workers.

Savvy Rest has planted more than 1,000 trees worldwide through a partnership with American Forests. Seeks out sustainable/Fair Trade suppliers with commitments to the environment.

Choosing to spend your dollars to support these types of companies helps spread the benefits to all, especially the world in which your children will grow up. And in return, you receive an exceptional product. 


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