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Holy Lamb Organics



 Holy Lamb Organics was founded in 2000 with a mission to promote health, well-being and to strengthen an economy based on ecology through manufacturing a line of high quality, all-natural, made in the U.S.A. organic bedding products produced using sustainable and ecological practices.

The company holds true to those values today. Holy Lamb uses only organic cotton fabrics. Their decision to support farmers who choose to farm without the use of herbicides and pesticides demonstrates their strong commitment to a safer planet for all.

The wool used in their products is grown by small U.S. sheep farmers who are part of the Premium Eco-Wool Program. Farmers dedicated to raising sheep using humane practices (no sheep dipping) on pastures that are not overcrowded or sprayed with chemical fertilizers. These conditions promote healthier sheep thus reducing the need for antibiotics.

Employees work in a chemical and scent free facility. This provides a healthy environment for employees and ensures the purity of the products you bring into your home. They abide by a zero waste tolerance of their manufacturing by-products. All scraps are either reused, recycled or composted. The larger and more useful scraps are placed in a Free Bin to giveaway or donate to schools.

Holy Lamb Organics calls the rural town of Oakville, Washington home. They have restored the old general store, a historic building built in 1902, using recycled and sustainable harvested woods.  They provide 14 green jobs and have created a community garden. They are proud to be a “Made in America” company.