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Crib Bumpers Deemed Unsafe

Providing a safe sleeping environment is our number one goal. We choose products based on a set of criteria but safety always leads the way. The fact that you are on our site indicates you are an educated consumer and want only the best for your baby. Education is an ongoing process.

 On June 25, 2013 the state of Maryland passed a statewide ban on the sale of crib bumpers. Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene for the state of Maryland concluded “Baby bumper pads pose an unreasonable risk to infant life and health without compelling evidence of benefit.”   The State of Maryland was primarily concerned with the risk of asphyxiation and death.

 Dr. David Fowler, Chief Medical Examiner of Maryland wrote:                                                                             

 “An infant does not need to have their nose and mouth covered to asphyxiate. Simply being close to an object such as a stuffed toy or a bumper may slow the air movement and lead to a slow refresh rate of essential oxygen. Humans need a minimum of 16% of oxygen in the air that they breathe to survive. Air usually has 21% oxygen and this provides a relatively small margin of safety. If the air is restricted from movement, there is a real risk the infant can reduce the oxygen content to below 16% since the air movement caused by their breathing is negligible.” 

Although we are a Colorado based business and not affected by this ban we have taken it very seriously. ANY risk of death is unacceptable to us therefore we have chosen to remove crib bumpers from our site.