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Cotton Mattress Pad vs Wool Moisture Pad

mattress padsConfused about the differences between a cotton mattress pad and a wool moisture protection pad? The secret is in the fabric.

Organic Cotton Mattress Pad
Organic cotton is soft against the skin and therefore very comfortable for your baby to lie on. Natural fabrics like cotton allow for better air circulation which helps remove and absorb body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping your baby cool and dry. When accidents do occur, the highly absorbent properties of cotton wicks the moisture away from your baby’s skin. As for washing, cotton can take the heat so utilizing temperatures of 140 degrees will ensure bacteria, viruses and dust mites have been destroyed. Organic cotton is a strong long-lasting fabric that will provide your baby with years of comfort.

Organic Wool Moisture Pad
 Wool fibers contain a natural repellant to keep liquids from being absorbed. Keeping liquid above the surface allows for easy clean up thus protecting your baby’s mattress and your investment. Another amazing feature of wool is its reactive properties to body temperatures. If your baby is cold it will act as natural insulator providing comfort and warmth. If your baby becomes hot it will release heat and moisture resulting in a cooling effect for your baby. Wool is anti-allergenic and resists dust mites making it an ideal fabric for bedding. Studies conducted at Cambridge Maternity Hospital show that wool is particularly beneficial in helping babies sleep better.

We recommend using a cotton pad on top of a moisture pad for optimum mattress protection against stains and spills.